Web Release(Conference Postponed)

2017 is On!

The Business of Sport International Conference is out of blocks for 2017 and this year the theme is “Monetizing the Game”

A very apt and timely theme as sport in Jamaica, in the last five years, has evolved tremendously as ‎a sector striving to become an industry and an impressionable contributor to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through arterial endeavors such as sport tourism and sport entertainment.

The inaugural conference had as its theme “Get in the Game”. It  was then succeeded by “Stay in the Game” which preceded “Change the Game” before “Transform the Game” signaled that the field of play is evoluting and with it must come the thought and action to metamorphose the game.

Business partners and owners of the conference, Milton Samuda, Carole Beckford, Christopher Samuda and Courtney Lodge, have validated their status as change agents in sport through the Business of Sport International Conference offering which to date has been successful in initiating and impacting, in a meaningful way, the dialogue of treating sport as a corporate going concern with deepening partnerships in tourism, entertainment and the environment.

The conference will be held on May 18 and 19 in the business capital, New Kingston, at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel‎, and the programme is just about to be finalised. It will have high powered local and international speakers in the business and executive management of sport.

The theme is a call to all stakeholders to acknowledge that sport has gone beyond recreation to commercialization and can therefore be an economic growth phenomenon.   But in all of this the Business of Sport partners remind us that monetization is not rapacity; but rather it is revenue generation founded on principles of good sport governance ‎and business sense as well as values all of which which command integrity. After-all, this is the only way sustainable growth will be achieved and present and  successive gerations of stakeholders will understand that the game must be played fairly and right.

The Game is being “Monetized”

With the global commercialization of sport continuing a main, Business of Sport Partners, Milton Samuda, Carole Beckford, Christopher Samuda and Courtney Lodge have undoubtedly struck the right chord in this year’s conference theme “Monetize the Game”.

Too long has been the dialogue of creating a viable sport industry in Jamaica (with sustainable streams of revenue to the national economy‎) in the absence of a national blueprint. For far to long has been the recognition that Jamaica has the raw material for creating finished business outfits in sport that can fuel an industry. For an interminably long time there have been ongoing global discussions that we need to create sustainable business models  that interlink corporate continental interests in a revenue generation network. It is time for action!

This Business of Sport International Conference, which will be held on May 18 and 19, continues its advocacy to the Governments and private sector leaders as well as sport stakeholders that discussions must now give way to an action plan in which a country’s Government or, where applicable, a city authority or agency must take the lead.

This year’s conference will give critical focus to the fundamental elements of a sport industry in a money context: why and how we should monetize the game and why this exercise is impatient of progress.

There is enough talent to grow the global pie so that the slices which  each will have can be bigger. There are many opportunities at regional and international games and conferences  for the policy makers in government and giants in the private international commercial sector to ‎unify viwes on the methodology and the outcomes and hammer out a broad strategic plan.The Business of Sport International Conference offers an interactive forum.

For local stakeholders in Jamaica, there is an immediacy to monetize the game in “Bolt like” fashion. Cuba is now “open” and if Jamaica is not careful the windows of opportunities will close as that historical, cultural and indeed sporting nation and the rest of the Caribbean region  refine their game and commodities.

But remember, if we have the universal vision and commitment to grow the pie faithfully, the biblical feeding of the five thousand, in a far more exponential context,  is very much attainable.

That’s why The Business of Sport Conference  Partners are to be applauded for once more placing firmly on the agenda for change and transformation ‎a sector that must now galvanize itself into an industry and a globe that must now rotate more strategically on its axis.