VIP Reception(Conference Postponed)

It\’s Cocktails with the Business of Sport

Cocktails sipped in business suits amidst  commercial conversations which express state of the art thoughts is what The Business of Sport VIP Cocktail Reception is all about.
Cocktail-Reception-Flye2rCome prepared to meet and greet old and current friends and industry colleagues ‎while inviting the acquaintance of potential Investors, Bankers, Stockbrokers, Athletes, Brand Ambassadors, Corporate Strategists to name a few.
If you are receptive not only to ‎receive but to give value and to be a part of the vanguard of change in sport, then you are a VIP Platinum member The Business of. Sport‎ with a suite of privileges and  entitlements to play the game.
There can be no grandstanding where sport is concerned as its business globally has evolved exponentially and many livelihoods that literally feed others have been created and sustained by it.
So \’cheers\’ to the VIPs of The Business of Sport International Conference and ‎\’bravo\’ to the Partners Milton Samuda, Carole Beckford, Christopher Samuda and Courtney Lodge for having us for cocktails as a prelude to the   business at hand.