Consultation Services Crafted for Businesses in Challenging Economies

The Partners bring to the table a network of experienced professionals in getting the job done and right and an approach in business law  which combines legal acumen and commercial know-how. We manage ideas to fruition, human resources to investment capital, time to ‘on time’ and ‘real’ time, foundations to edifices and achievements to success.

Strategic Corporate Interventions (SCI) Ltd. provides a wide range of consulting services and has products and techniques suited to satisfy any business within our ever changing global economy.

Below are our main consultation services:

We execute with precision & effectiveness

New and emerging entities that desire to design and build a business that will maximize their potential and realize the vision of their leaders, contract SCI for the needed strategic planning and management that will drive successful execution.

The SCl’s BizBlRTH is a unique and customized tool kit that takes the new business from concept to start-up in a speedy but highly structured manner.

The SCl’s BizSHlNE package grows an emerging business into an established enterprise that represents its best potential.

Established enterprises that are serious about organizational transformation, and not just cosmetic change, engage SCI for strategic corporate interventions that deliver organizational assessment, organizational restructuring, business process re-engineering, IT infrastructure redesign, customer/member relationship management, strategic performance management (using a unique Balanced Scorecard technique), project management, and a positive and long-lasting culture shift. The SCl’s BizCURE appointment will conduct the necessary diagnoses for ailing organizations and then prescribe and administer some or all of the above remedies….and more!

After a major strategic intervention, organizations and their stakeholders can expect significant financial, functional and psychosocial benefits that flow from new and varied streams of increasing income, harmonized and synergistic systems, and people who exceed their most ambitious aspirations as entrepreneurs.

Share your vision with us.