Christopher L. Samuda – Chairman & Director of Legal Affairs

Mr. Samuda is an Attorney-at-Law, company adviser and consultant with a successful career spanning over 20 years, 4 continents and innumerable industries. Mr. Samuda is a founding partner in the Law Firm, Samuda & Johnson. Mr. Samuda’s legal pratice includes Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution; Commercial & Corporate Transactions; Sport and Entertainment; Intellectual Property and Copyright; Patents and Trade Marks; and Real Estate. He has acted in major hotel and business acquisitions and represents major local and international interests in the Music and Entertainment Industry.

A company adviser and consultant with a successful career spanning over twenty (20) years, four(4) continents and innumerable industries, Mr. Samuda is former Council Member of the Jamaica Bar Association.

Public Service

Committed to public service, Mr. Samuda devotes much of his time to voluntary service in the roles of Chairman of the Fair Trading Commission (FTC); Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Creative Production & Training Centre Limited (CPTC); Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Media Technology Institute(M.T.I); President of the Jamaica Paralympic Association(J.P.A) and Jamaica’s delegate to the International Paralympic Committee Congress; President of the Jamaica Paralympic Foundation(J.P.F.); President of the Jamaica Disabled Cricket Association (J.A.D.C.A.); Secretary General of the Jamaica Olympic Association; and a member of the Board of Wolmer’s Boys’ School having served previously as the student representative from 1976 to 1980.

Mr. Samuda is also the Chairman of the Legal Committee which is assisting the Jamaican Government in the current rationalization of the Public Sector.

He also is a member of National Council of Sport, an advisory body to the Government of Jamaica in relation to all sport matters, and is the Chairman of the Athletes Development and Well Being Committee

Corporate Profile

Mr. Samuda is lead adviser to several Jamaican and Caribbean commercial entities and serves as Chairman of St. Khrisstopher Music Limited and the Chairman of Strategic Corporate Interventions Limited.

He has presented on topics such as corporate governance; the business of sport and entertainment; management of talent and intellectual property; financial products and services of credit unions; and the value of the creative industries to a developing society.

Mr. Samuda has had the honour of being the featured speaker at various events in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean.


Mr. Samuda is a member of the Board of his alma mater, Wolmer’s Boys’ School, one of the oldest high schools in the Caribbean. He is also a member of the Board of Hydel University College

Positions Held

Mr. Samuda is a past President of the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (C.C.C.U.), from 2004 to 2007 which apex body had oversight responsibility for all credit unions in the Caribbean region and also Guyana and Belize, former Director and First Vice President of First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union Limited. By virtue of that office he also served as the Caribbean’s delegate to the World Council of Credit Unions from 2004 to 2006.

He also assumed the office of President of the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League Limited from 2004 to 2007.

Mr. Samuda also had the privilege of serving GSB Co-operative Credit Union Limited, arguably one of the oldest credit unions in Caribbean, as its President from 2000 to 2006. This credit union merged with another to become First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union.

To date, Mr. Samuda has the distinction of being the only Jamaican and indeed Caribbean co-operator to have served simultaneously as President of the governing bodies of the Caribbean and Jamaica and his local credit union.

He was also Co-Chair of the Peoples’ Energy Vision Programme, sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Deputy Chairman of the Jamaica’s Copyright Tribunal.

An Anglican, Mr. Samuda holds the conviction that a man’s value and statue lies not in the depth of his pocket or the lining thereof but in the fabric of his soul.