About Strategic Corporate Interventions

Strategic Corporate lnterventions (SCI) Limited, a highly successful management consulting partnership delivering value added service to satisfied clients who regard SCI as a wise investment and to non-client stakeholders who recognize SCI as the best vehicle for successful organizational transformation through a highly competent team which celebrates SCI as the greatest source of professional self-actualization.

Strategic Corporate lnterventions (SCI) Limited exists to create, develop and transform new, emerging and established local and international businesses into the best versions of themselves and to realize its strategic vision.

SCI takes PRIDE in providing world-class service to new, emerging and established local and international business as it pursues its vision and mission.

SCl’s core values revolve around:

Prosperity for all of SCl’s valued clients and other stakeholders

Respect for the business SCI receives from our clients

Integrity in all of SCl’s undertakings

Innovation that ensures SCI and its clients’ sustainable success

Discipline for delivering unique and superior service to SCl’s clients

Equity in SCl’s approach to clients’ development